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How you can Apply Alternate Nostril Respiration 

How you can Apply Alternate Nostril Respiration 

Anulom Vilom is a pranayama that purifies the nadis (refined vitality channels) in our our bodies and is often known as alternate nostril respiratory. The breath alternates between two nostrils – one of many nostrils is at all times partially blocked, and the circulate of air out and in of the lungs is principally by means of one of many nostrils at a time. You possibly can simply test this by inserting a finger beneath the nostril and respiratory usually by means of the nostrils. In a traditional well being of the breath, this alternation takes locations roughly each hour and fifty minutes. This regular interval of breath alternation is established solely when one has perfected the apply of pranayama. For most individuals this alternation of breath from one nostril to the opposite varies considerably due to a poor life-style that features improper respiratory, improper food plan, dangerous posture, lack of train, and ailments.  

The apply of Anulom Vilom every day helps to manage the breath between the nostrils.  

Steps to Apply Anulom Vilom 

  • Sit in a snug seated (preferable crossed legged) posture, conserving the backbone, head and neck in a straight line and shoulders relaxed. Maintain the facial muscular tissues relaxed and eye closed all through the apply. 
  • Keep on this posture and take a couple of breaths out and in mindfully earlier than beginning the apply. 
  • Place the left hand in your left knee in Chin mudra (index finger and thumb touching on the ideas, palm going through up) with elbow barely relaxed. 
  • Maintain the proper hand in Vishnu Mudra (first two finger folded and touching the centre of the palm). The appropriate thumb can be used to open and shut the proper nostril and the ring and little finger can be used to open and shut the left nostril. 
  • To start the apply – place the proper thumb on the proper nostril and inhale from the left nostril slowly and silently, then shut the left nostril with the third finger or third and fourth each fingers and exhale from the proper nostril (by releasing the thumb). With out pausing inhale from the proper nostril and exhale from the left nostril. This completes one spherical of Anulom Vilom. 
  • Apply this for 5 to 7 minutes on a regular basis together with Kapalabhati (previous to this).  

Anuom Vilom with Breath Retention 

  • After training the above for a couple of days comfortably, introduce breath retention in your apply. 
  • Stage 1: Inhale from left nostril for a rely of 4 seconds (it’s possible you’ll mentally rely Om 1, Om 2, Om 3, Om 4 for the rely), retain the breath for 8 seconds, then exhale for 8 seconds. Now with out pausing, inhale from proper, retain the breath and exhale from left in the identical proportion. Thus, the ratio of breath is 1:2:2 (inhale: retain: exhale). 
  • Stage 2: Inhale from left nostril for a rely of 4 seconds, retain the breath for 16 seconds, then exhale from proper for 8 seconds. Now with out pausing, inhale from proper, retain the breath and exhale from left in the identical proportion. Thus, the ratio of breath is 1:4:2 (inhale: retain: exhale). 
  • The inhale and exhale must be silent, gradual and managed and will really feel clean. 


  • Anulom Vimom corrects any incorrect respiratory patterns. 
  • Purifies the nadis and helps in sustaining a steadiness in utilizing the left and proper aspect of the mind which correlates to the logical and emotional sides of our nature. 
  • Helps in curing respiratory points like bronchial asthma, emphysema and bronchitis.  
  • Calms the minds and helps us centre ourselves. 
  • Relieves stress and anxiousness.   
  • Improves focus and focus. 

Notes / Tricks to Comply with 

  • If it’s not attainable to take a seat on the ground or crossed legged, sitting on a chair within the appropriate posture with the toes touching down on the ground.  
  • Press the nostrils very gently.  
  • Use a meditation cushion or any cushion, pillow or bolster and tuck it beneath the tailbone to maintain the backbone tall. 
  • Guarantee to apply on an empty abdomen. 
  • The thoughts is calm and centred after the apply and it’s advised to apply a brief meditation after Anulom Vilom. 


  • Folks with cardiac or blood stress points mustn’t maintain their breath and simply preserve inhaling and exhaling by means of alternate nostrils. 

The most effective time to apply Anuom Vilom is within the morning (ideally earlier than you begin with the day’s routine and after emptying the bowel if attainable) and within the night at daybreak.  

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